The film, the album, the band itself were all generated from The Bogart Collective.  We are a family of friends and artists that have come together to support each other in life's endeavors. And one of those primary endeavors has been to make art that touches, moves and inspires other people. 


The emotional tone and story of Fairytales For The Fatherless (as well as the name) is inspired, in part, by the story of Danny Musengo, who, while in high school, survived a car accident which cost 5 others their lives, including his father. Having met Paul Weinfield, frontman for Tam Lin and former professor of religion at Columbia, thru the Bogart Collective, the two began writing together. 


Fairytales For The Fatherless is Beyonce's Lemonade and Pink Floyd's The Wall on acid... okay, more acid. Clearly, 2017 will be the year of the Visual Album. What this film brings that is unique and exciting in this developing genre is a narrative arc that transcends the individual tracks. This is not a collection of stylized music videos; this is a narrative feature. This is not an established band; this is a debut album. This is not a big budget production; this is as indie as it gets. 

The concept behind this production was to create something more than an album, more than a film. It is a pairing of the two and we are incredibly excited to share it with you.