The film was shot during August 2016 and is currently in post-production.  The budget for the movie shoot was both crowdsourced by fans and extraordinarily efficient - a total of only $7,000 was spent over 21 day shoot.  There has been an excited response to the drafts of the chapters, and Fairytales for the Fatherless have been asked to submit the movie to SXSW 2017. 


Part of the excitement about this film is that it represents an evolution in the visual album art form. The visual album has made headlines in 2016, with Beyonce and Frank Ocean releasing their own versions. It is clearly a genre whose time is come. There has not been a visual album that also stands alone as a feature movie, where each chapter stands alone or as part of the narrative arc. The time is now to release this movie to the festival circuit, and capitalize on its unique niche within the genre.  

Currently, Fairytales For The Fatherless is seeking financial support to finish production on a highly aggressive timeline to maximize this opportunity. The total amount needed to complete the edit and mixing process, to submit to SXSW, Berlin, Tribeca, LA, San Sebastián, Telluride, New York, Woodstock, Hamptons, Locarno, Raindance, Buenos Aires as well as a handful more, and to initiate early marketing for the festival circuit, is $10,000. 

There are two structures available to support this effort: Private Investment and Brand Sponsorship.

Private Investment:

• An investment of $10,000 is worth a 15% stake in the movie.

• Benefits include:

• 15% of all net profits of the movie

• Executive Producer credit​

• Credit in all offline and online movie marketing

• Attendance at SXSW and all festivals with the FFF crew and band

• Red carpet opportunity

Brand Sponsorship:

• An investment of $10,000 will the following benefits:

• Title sponsorship including logo placement and credits

• Brand inclusion in all offline and online movie marketing

• Attendance at SXSW and all festivals with the FFF crew and band

• Red carpet opportunity

Please, Contact Us For More Information

Right now, there are a number of ways for you to get involved in the process of this film coming to completion and getting out there for all to enjoy - ranging from investment and sponsorship opportunities (outlined below) to joining our "street crew," who are out there spreading the word and making sure the world is ready for Fairytales for the Fatherless...
Write us, call us, find us on social media and, please, join us on this amazing adventure.

© 2016  by Danny Ward

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